Are You Emotional Unavailable?

Are you looking for love? Do you want to find the one? Do you want to settle down with a life partner, but the current people you date don’t line up?

Then maybe you are emotionally unavailable. The term emotionally unavailable often refers to people who create barriers between themselves and those they are in intimate relationships with. This could be for a number of reasons, they are still healing from their past, they don’t feel worthy or they don’t believe in love.

Relationships that have one or both people emotionally unavailable can be very depressing, stressful, and filled with anxiety, as the people and up feeling neglected, unwanted, and unloved. Which of course can lead to bitter resentment and feeling alone in the relationship.

The term emotionally unavailable is usually tied to players or womanizers, but Men are not the only people who are emotional unavailable. There are a growing number of women who feel that they are not ready to be in a relationship. Many of them don’t realize that they are emotional unavailable. Here or signs to know if you are emotionally unavailable.

You Constantly Criticizing the Other Person

If you tend to look at your partners defaults and flaws then it’s possible that you are not ready to accept true love. If you hear “you are a nag” then chances are you are picking rather than loving.  If you pick at your partner then most likely you have insecurities about yourself and they’re reflecting on the outside. The best thing to do is turn inward and look at your own insecurities and address those first before you start picking on someone else. Healthy couples accept each other for who they are and look at the positive aspects of their personality.

You Are Full of Excuses

If you find the perfect person and they’re funny, attractive and you have a great time with them on email or text, but when it comes time to actually hang out in person, you are full of excuses perhaps your hair isn’t done you are too tired from work or you just have too much to do. Ask yourself what you are really hiding yourself from?

You Get Nervous When Things Are Going to Well

Perhaps you go on a few dates and you really like the new squeeze and things seem to be going extremely smooth. If you find yourself feeling insecure, and saying to yourself this is going to well, then perhaps you are emotionally not ready for real romance. Look deeper because you could be hiding some emotional issues that are from your past relationships, and they’re preventing you from enjoying the current moments of your life.

You Pay More Attention to Material Things Then the Person

Are you more invested in your hobbies, projects, pets or material items then you are in the other person? If you spend your time detailing your car or if you look forward to your next paint job, rather then spending time with you’re loved one, then it is a clear sign you are not ready for lasting love.