Common Food That Can Damage Teeth

There are certain types of food that can endanger our health as well as our oral health. Some food on the other hand is healthy for us, but not great for our teeth. This is why it is necessary for us to always watch what we eat and how we care for our teeth after we eat. Sweet food must be eaten in moderation if you want to avoid dental problems. When you avoid them or reduce consuming them, you can keep dental problems at bay.

Candies And Sweets

These sweet treats will have plenty of sugar content which can produce acids that damage the enamel of teeth. So if you consume sweets and candies then do not brush your teeth after, bacteria will grow in your mouth and damage your teeth. Unfortunately, kicking the sweets and candy habit can be very difficult, so instead of forcing yourself to quit on your favorite treats totally, you can opt to eat cheese, yogurt and raw crunchy fruits and vegetables to help you keep your teeth healthy.

Acidic Food

Acidic food can trigger erosion in teeth so this must be carefully monitored. One example is lemon flavored drinks. Lemon can have high acidic content and when not combined with other ingredients or water, it can affect teeth. Though it is known to whiten teeth, lemon juice that is pure and constantly consumed can bring about tooth decay. This is why developing a habit of drinking through a straw is very helpful when wanting to keep your teeth healthy, as it can prevent the drink from swishing against your teeth.

Fruit Juices

Though fruit juices are very healthy, they also have high sugar content which can damage teeth. Since concentrated pure juices have high amounts of natural sugar, children and adults with poor dental hygiene are susceptible to tooth decay. Fruit juices must never be drunk before bed time. However if it is unavoidable, be sure to brush your teeth after drinking fruit juices or snacking on fruits.


Food containing sugar and starch can bring about bacteria growth, so carbohydrates left in the mouth can bring about bacteria producing acids which damage teeth. Leaving out carbohydrates in your diet is ridiculous, so the only way to deal with it is by brushing your teeth after meals and before bed.

Cereal Bars

Cereal bars also contain large quantities of sugar which is evidently not good for dental health.

Chewing Gum

This has always been a controversial issue between dental professionals, because some claim it to be good for teeth, while others claim that it is dangerous. In fact, some sugar free gum brands offering an assortment of flavors actually contains high levels of acid. This can then affect the enamel of teeth while increasing the chances of decay. Nevertheless, there have been studies that show chewing gum after eating can reduce the risk of tooth decay while the acid in the mouth is very active.

Syrup Medication

Medication such as cough syrup also contains plenty of sugar. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of how badly cough medicine can affect dental health that they do not brush their teeth after taking medicine.