How Straight Teeth Can Boost Self Esteem

Having teeth that are not straight can be a hindrance in many ways. Dental misalignment can interfere with proper chewing. Some people may experience jaw and facial pain. Maintaining proper oral hygiene can be more challenging. The teeth, muscles and jaw can become strained. But for some people, having crooked teeth can negatively impact their self confidence. Fortunately, getting braces can remedy oral health issues while boosting self esteem.


One of the obvious hindrances to self esteem is that having misaligned teeth can make a person more self conscious about the aesthetics of his or her teeth. This can affect a person’s comfort level when meeting new people and speaking to strangers. Having crooked teeth can also make a person less likely to feel comfortable smiling when taking photos or in social settings. People who are discouraged from speaking and interacting with others normally due to dental issues may feel as if their lives are limited because they are unable to relax in many of the social situations that arise in day to day life. Braces can correct the aesthetic problems that are associated with misalignment and give patients a healthier, straight smile while eliminating the concern that others may find their teeth unattractive.

Speech Hindrance

Another source problem that may cause embarrassment for people who have misaligned teeth is the potential for interference with comfortable speech. Teeth that are crooked, twisted, or out of place may impact the ability to speak properly. Hindered speech may also discourage social interaction and cause people to feel more shy and less likely to engage in casual conversation or even more necessary conversations such as asking for directions or assistance. Braces can bring the teeth into proper alignment and remove obstructions that interfere with the tongue and can affect the way words are pronounced. When patients are more comfortable speaking, their self esteem is likely to improve, and they tend to be better able to engage in communication that is essential to forming and fostering relationships.


Patients who have difficulty keeping their teeth clean due to misalignment may also suffer from lower self esteem and may constantly worry that they have bad breath. Bad breath concerns can also make a person less likely to interact socially, and the person may be reluctant to allow others to come into close proximity to them. When teeth are brought into proper alignment with braces, oral hygiene often becomes easier, and patients can rest assured that their teeth are being cleaned as needed.

Whether the reasons for getting braces are related to health aesthetics, issues in both areas can be resolved, and patients can achieve their goals, which is always helpful in boosting self esteem.